Brain Pop- Samantha

| June 4, 2010

I like Brain pop because it is educational on lots of topics. It has lots of educational videos on important topics. Bran pop is well organized. It is easy to find videos. I think lots of kids can learn from it. It also sends good messages to kids.

I did not like that most of the topics was too controversial. The website has no games. It is also too general. There’s not enough detail. There is also too many quizzes. Also a lot of the topics are not for little kids. I think that the website will be good for 3rd-6th or 7th grade. A lot of topics were boring to me.

I think it’s wormy with a few good bites because a lot of the topics were too general. There was lots of topics that was not for little kid because they would not understand a lot of the topics.